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Straight Aluminum Dock Cleats - Available in 6", 8", 10" & 12"
Our durable aluminum dock cleats will last for years with two holes for easy installation. We offer aluminum dock cleats in 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes. View straight
aluminum dock cleat prices at Dock Supply Depot

Fend-All Fenders
Protect your investment with dock and piling fenders.  We have a large selection of Fend-All fenders and mounting hardware - in stock and ready to install. 

Fish Cleaning Stations - various styles and sizes
Our fish cleaning tables are made of high quality marine grade 1/2" UV resistant starboard, and all of our fish cleaning tables have an aluminum frame and shelf.  We offer two-leg and four-leg models that fit over the side of your dock to allow you more room to work, or dock-mounted tables cleaning tables as well. View our
fish cleaning tables at Dock Supply Depot.

"S" Type Aluminum Dock Cleats - Available in 8", 10", 12", & 14"
Our durable "S" type aluminum dock cleats will last for years with two holes for easy installation. We offer aluminum dock cleats in 8", 10", 12" and 14" sizes. View
"S" type aluminum dock cleat prices at Dock Supply Depot

Our Most Popular Accessories:

Pile Caps - various styles and sizes
Pile caps offer you an inexpensive method of protecting your valuable dock investment from internal rot.  Our piling caps are made from UV-stabilized polyethylene and are available in 1/2" increments ranging from 5-1/2" to 18" in diameter. Choose from round cone or round flat, in either black or white. The cone design helps to discourage birds from landing on them. In addition to the round piling caps, we also offer square piling caps (cone or flat) in many sizes.

WOOD Rx Protective Sealer
Protect your dock with WoodRX, an advanced, environmentally friendly, water-based finish that penetrates and seals wood surfaces while still allowing wood surfaces to breathe.  Its 100% acrylic formulation provides superiority, flexibility and adhesion.WoodRX protects against moisture penetration, provides maximum protection against mildew and algae growth and contains powerful UV screeners which filter out the sun's harmful rays.

PermaFloat brand dock flotation - over 50 sizes
PermaFloat® has a nominal .150 wall thickness and are molded from virgin grade materials with UV inhibitors assuring long life. The polyethylene shell is unaffected by saltwater, oil, gasoline and most chemicals. The floats are completely foam filled using a 1 to 1.5 density EPS.  PermaFloat® has a 12 year warranty. Choose PermaFloat for your next floating dock project. Visit our selection of
PermaFloat products at Dock Supply Depot.

Keep your property safe with a dock or seawall ladder
Whether you are looking for a straight-ladder or retractable lift-ladder, Palm Beach Dock has the best selection of dock ladders to accommodate your needs - in stock and ready to install. 
See our full line of
dock ladders at Dock Supply Depot.    

Hose Holders available
Our marine & dock hose holder is made of high quality cast aluminum-alloy and comes with an optional attached water spigot. It is available in a white or black powder coating finish. One size fits all; hose capacity 25' to 75' - in stock ready to install. View
hose holder pricing at Dock Supply Depot.

Floating Docks and Floating Kayak Ramps
Our floating docks and kayak ramps make accessing the water safe and convenient. High tide or low tide, our floating kayak ramp is perfect for kayakers and paddle-boarders alike.  Heavy-duty hinges affix to your dock or seawall on one end and the PermaFloat® supports the other just inches above the waterline for easy access. ​Call today for pricing!

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Piling Wrap
Protect your pilings from marine borers with pile wrap. This product is a high density polyethylene material that is .030" thick and is 60" wide. 

Hydro Glow Dock and Fish Lights
Whether you're looking for underwater lighting to enhance the appearance of your dock, or you want to attract a wide variety of fish to your dock or boat, Palm Beach Dock carries a variety of Hydro Glow dock and fish lights to meet your needs. 

​Please visit our 
Hydro Glow Dock and Fishing Lights page on Dock Supply Depot.

Boat Lifts - the Ultimate Dock Accessory
Palm Beach Dock is a Neptune Boat Lift Authorized Dealer. Hurricane lifts include many standard features such as your choice of gears, stainless steel motors, adjustable cable slides, aluminum grooved winders, plus many more!

Lake Lite Solar LED Lighting
Palm Beach Dock features Lake Lite's unique solar lighting innovations. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles of modern, attractive, LED solar lighting that will enhance your dock or walkway. 

​Please visit our 
Lake Lite Solar Lighting page on Dock Supply Depot.

Dock Boxes available
All of our fiberglass dock box products are constructed with a minimum of 3/16" heavy fiberglass thickness, all stainless steel (corrosion-proof) hardware and ultra-violet resistant white gel-coat for long lasting durability and sound investment. Our dock boxes come with a 2-year warranty against manufacture defects. Most models in stock and ready to install. View our selection of
dock boxes at Dock Supply Depot.